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About us

About Cleaning Services LondonWe established Cleaning Services London with a very clear vision on what we wanted to provide in terms of services, standard of work and quality of results. Our intent was for customers to have access to a wide range of general and specific cleaning services which deliver industry standard results in all instances, that’s why we created our Cleaning Deals. Although we specialise in a wide variety of cleaning solutions, this does not affect the quality or efficiency of any of our services – we are just as punctual and effective in our basic cleaning as we are with our specialised cleaning treatments. More so, we believe it is better and more efficient to have all cleaning requirements handled by the same company as this yields consistent results.

We also understood that deviation from expected and required quality of work would be unprofessional on our behalf, and unacceptable for our customers. Because of this we maintain uniform, high standard of cleaning all round through working with specially trained and qualified professional cleaners. We ensure consistent high quality cleaning results each time through application of proven and effective cleaning techniques and methods.

Being a well-established, professional cleaning company we know and appreciate the importance of service convenience. In light of this we provide use-friendly cleaning services in every sense of the word. From using natural formula cleaning products to doing the cleaning in a suitable time and day of the week. Furthermore, we have given customers the option to alter our service format and layout in order to cover specific requirements and purposes. We even go one better and provide comprehensive cleaning service packages that cover a vast variety of requirements without excess fees or further complications.

Cost efficiency of our cleaning solutions is absolutely vital as an overpriced service would be rendered useless for our customers. Because of this we keep our cleaning services open and accessible to all customers through adequate pricing which corresponds to the actual scale and complexity of the task at hand. We do not burden our quotes and prices with any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges as we consider this totally unprofessional.

Our aim is to make property cleaning a breeze for you. We handle each cleaning job with professional pace, precision and efficiency in order to deliver high quality cleaning results without compromise. We constantly improve and further develop our service solutions in order to provide customers with higher standard of cleaning.