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Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning ServicesAlthough durable and resilient, hard floors are made of materials which require specialised cleaning on a regular basis. Furthermore, hard floors are usually pricy interior solutions and as such it makes sense to keep them looking better for longer through our professional hard floor cleaning in London. Our cleaning methods and the products we use are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of hard flooring, including wood, tile, marble, terracotta, concrete, natural stone, clay, brick etc. Subjecting hard floors to our specialised cleaning treatments on a regular basis will also prolong their lifespan, therefore saving money from untimely repairs and replacement.

Our professional hard floor cleaning in London is the ideal way to keep hard floors clean without any effort or excess costs. Most of the time cleaning hard floors requires lots of time and effort, especially in spacious homes, fitted with a number of flooring surfaces. Usually lugging heavy buckets and mops, application of correct cleaning methods and use of specialised products are a bit of a problem for most people but our professional grade cleaning treatment will take care of that.

Different hard floors require different cleaning methods and application of the correct product. In order to be efficient and deliver consistent results, the cleaning service is performed by trained and qualified cleaners equipped with professional grade equipment and materials. The cleaners will administer the correct cleaning treatment as per the type of flooring and ensure no risk of damage or substandard cleaning results. Although hard wearing, flooring surfaces will be affected by aggressive cleaning products so in order to avoid clouding, scratches etc. we recommend using our specialised cleaning service instead and ensure perfect hygiene without risk of damage or alteration. The service will also deal with stubborn stains which are usually a real problem to remove from certain hard floors. Depending on the type of stain, our cleaners will pre-treat the affected area and ensure optimal stain removal.

In terms of hygiene, keeping your hard floors clean will also improve interior hygiene in general. This would mean healthier living environment for yourself and your loved ones. As expected we do not use any harsh chemicals or toxic cleaners during cleaning as we care for the health and wellbeing of our customers. The products and materials we use are all industry certified.

Our hard floor cleaning in London is available as one off or on a regular basis. The frequency and duration of the fixed schedule cleaning visits depends entirely on customer preferences and availability. The cleaning teams will visit you in a suitable time and day of the week. Cleaning work will be completed within the shortest time possible without any delays just like on our kitchen cleaning. Please be advised though that for best results our cleaners will need a certain amount of hours, so please bear with them for the time being. Cost wise, we believe the service is adequately priced and delivers the required value for money in all cases. Hard floor cleaning can be requested in combination with other services we have in store.

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