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Ironing Services LondonBeing a professional service provider, we know that domestic help is not just limited to cleaning because of this we provide a specialised ironing service that will save you hours of tricky and tedious ironing chores. We know that many people will be more than happy to have their ironing done by qualified and experienced housemaids as this would yield consistent, quality results without risk of damage to delicate fabrics and pricy garments. Ironing is not only tedious but also tricky – different fabrics and clothing require different temperature settings, as well as the use of steam ironing, so it is not advisable to take chances with ironing if still learning the ropes so to speak. On the other hand, our qualified housemaids have the required skills and expertise to do the job right and keep your clothing crease-free and always ready to wear.

Naturally, our professional ironing services in London are fully customisable in order to cover specific preferences and requirements. If there are any specific instructions outside the general ironing service format we provide, please let our housemaids know and they will be happy to handle those accordingly.

Our specialised ironing service is a real time saver as the maids will go about their duties with professional pace, precision and efficiency. Depending on individual preferences our maids can either use customer provided equipment or bring their own, however we need access to a sufficiently large ironing board – an item commonly present in the majority of homes.

We understand that letting strangers in your home can be a bit unnerving and in order to give customers the necessary peace of mind and security, we will inform in advance of whom we are sending out to your address. Our housemaids will present a valid company or picture ID upon arrival to the property. The maids are vetted and have passed the necessary police and background checks. Generally, we send the same housemaid every time unless otherwise instructed by customers. Having the same person do the ironing will actually increase efficiency and reduce service time as maids become familiar with specific customer requirements.

For extra convenience, our professional ironing services in London are available as one off or on a regular basis just like our gardening services. The fixed schedule ironing service is an excellent way to save time, effort and resources. Generally, we have weekly, fortnightly and monthly ironing visits, though the actual frequency and duration of the appointments depends entirely on personal preferences and customer availability.

The ironing service is available for booking as standalone or in combination with another of our solutions for extra coverage and more value for money. We stick to moderate pricing as we would like to keep the service affordable and easily accessible by all customers. Ironing appointments are booked for all days of the week under flexible hours that work around customer schedules and availability. For more details on ironing services and additional options that can be included, please speak to our consultants.

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