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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Services LondonProfessional kitchen cleaning is one of our most popular service options as most people don’t really have the time, energy or desire to do thorough kitchen cleaning as the process itself is tricky and somewhat tedious. The kitchen being one of the most heavily used areas of the house sees lots of use and abuse on a daily basis. As such it requires proper cleaning more often than other rooms or areas. On the same note, the kitchen is an area where food is cooked and usually stored therefore perfect hygiene all round is needed to keep the kitchen free of germs and bacteria.

Kitchen cleaning is a specific process that requires a set of different cleaning products and materials in order to yield optimal results in short amounts of time. This however is easier said than done therefore using our professional kitchen cleaning in London makes perfect sense as the more practical and efficient option to keep the kitchen clean and fresh at all times. The cleaning service itself is highly comprehensive and covers sanitisation and disinfection of all kitchen features and tiled and non-tiled surfaces. This includes bench tops, food preparation areas, fixed chopping boards, tables, sink basins, taps, sink backsplash, dish racks, exterior of pantry and cabinets, kitchen woodwork, flooring etc. Most Small kitchen appliances like toasters, sandwich makers, blenders etc. will also be cleaned as part of the service. Specialised oven and fridge cleaning are separate services we provide, though they could be requested in combination with the default service.  Should customers have any additional or specific cleaning requirements, please inform the cleaners and they will make sure to include those in the cleaning process.

The entire cleaning service will be performed using nontoxic cleaning materials and supplies. Only in cases where we need to tackle stubborn stains or thick residue we might apply stronger cleaning products yet those are still nontoxic. All cleaning supplies we have used will dissolve and evaporate without trace or residue shortly after cleaning, leaving the kitchen perfectly sanitised and ready to use. Our professional kitchen cleaning in London is carried out by qualified cleaners who know the intricate specifics involved in the process. This ensures no risk of damage to surfaces and materials and delivers the best possible cleaning results.

It might appear that such comprehensive cleaning service would cost some serious money. Not at all actually as our prices are very moderate in order to keep the service affordable and accessible by all households. For extra coverage and more cost efficiency kitchen cleaning can be customised or combined with other options we have on offer. The service is available as one off or on a regular basis – fixed schedule kitchen cleaning saves a ton of hassles and ensures the kitchen is in tiptop condition at all times. Kitchen cleaning is available for booking seven days a week under flexible hours just like our matress cleaning. For more information on the service, as well as other solutions we offer, please speak to our consultants.

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