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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning LondonGood mattress hygiene is highly important not only for a good night’s sleep but also for healthy living. Many people underestimate the importance of good mattress hygiene which could eventually lead to certain problems. When new a mattress is free of any germs, bacteria, insects etc. In time though, with everyday use and exposure the mattress tends to accumulate a lot of dust, pollen, bacteria etc. Furthermore, the mattress is usually in regular contact with bed sheets and the human body, this means hairs, body odours and oils also affect mattress hygiene for the worse. One tell-tale sign that the mattress is in need of specialised cleaning is that musky odour and dampness that are typical after certain period of frequent use.

These might not be an issue at the start but eventually they will become a problem. In order to ensure good mattress hygiene and healthier bedroom environment, we recommend using our professional mattress cleaning in London.

We use professional grade steam cleaning equipment as this is perhaps one of the most effective yet sparing ways to achieve lasting hygiene, on the surface as well as deep inside the mattress. Using the natural cleaning power of steam means there is no application of any toxic or harsh cleaning products. The steam cleaning method we use is also highly effective in lifting and removal of stubborn organic and chemical stains – a common issue for many mattresses. There will be no risk of damage or alteration to the mattress appearance or comfort properties as the equipment and techniques we use are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of mattresses.

Our advice as a professional cleaning company is to subject mattresses to specialised cleaning treatments at least once every four to six months as this would ensure optimal hygiene. Subjecting the mattress to homemade or conventional cleaning treatments, as effective as they might appear, is not likely to yield the consistent, lasting results you expect and require. How so? Well, conventional cleaning treatments are only superficial and do not really work deep inside the mattress layers where the real issues are. Things like insect eggs, pollen and bacteria make their way deep inside the mattress and are not affected by conventional cleaning. On the other hand, our specialised steam cleaning in London works deep inside the mattress achieving much better results. Steam cleaning is perhaps the only effective antibacterial treatment that doesn’t use chemicals. Furthermore, the equipment we use allows us to clean effectively on all sides of the mattress, including sides and bottom.

The cleaning is performed entirely onsite, there will be no need to take the mattress to another location or wait for it to be returned, this makes the service more efficient and convenient for our customers. Please be advised that mattresses will require some drying time after cleaning is completed. Generally this gravitates between two to three hours, though actual drying time will depend on ambient temperature and indoor humidity. Mattress cleaning is available for booking seven days a week just like our patio cleaning.

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