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Patio Cleaning

Patio Services LondonThe patio is a desirable home exterior feature which provides comfort and functionality. Patios are usually made of hard wearing, durable natural materials which are able to withstand a lot of punishment. Having said this, the patio is exposed to the elements all year round and eventually weather and frequent use will take their toll, leaving this otherwise beautiful exterior feature looking worse for wear. This however shouldn’t be a cause of concern as usually what appears as irreversible damage is only superficial and will be no problem to remove for our professional patio cleaning in London.

By all means, weather is what affects patios the most. Things like moisture, subzero temperatures, rain, heat, sunlight, mould etc. are all factors which contribute to its diminishing looks. On many occasions, organic or chemical staining sustained in the course of regular use are also a real problem to deal with. If left unaddressed, such issues will cause fading and discolouration making the patio unsightly. Conventional cleaning methods rarely yield optimal results as stubborn staining, mould, residue etc. can only be removed through application of aggressive chemical solvents in combination with hours on end of scrubbing and rubbing. If you find this to be an inefficient way to keep the patio clean, then you should definitely consider our professional patio cleaning in London.

The cleaning is performed using professional grade jet washing equipment with adjustable pressure and temperature settings. The cleaning process is perfectly safe and suitable for all types of patio surfaces and will not affect their looks or properties. However, we do not recommend pressure washing for patios with structural integrity problems as this would only further the damage, and may cause property damage and personal injury. The great thing about our patio cleaning service is that it doesn’t use any aggressive chemicals or harsh solvents as the grime and residue is removed off the patio surface mechanically – through a concentrated stream of pressurised water. In some cases, where stubborn staining needs to be removed, the cleaners might resort to using mild solvents in order to pre-treat the affected area and facilitate complete stain removal. Please be advised though that sunlight damage such as fading is permanent and cannot be reversed by pressure washing.

The patio cleaning service is carried out by Cleaning Services London specially trained and qualified technicians who know how to handle professional pressure washing systems safely and efficiently. Working with qualified professionals minimises the risk of property damage and personal injury. In order to reduce cleaning time and yield the best possible results, we recommend having the patio cleaning in relatively good weather conditions. In addition our cleaners will provide valuable expert advice on how to keep the patio cleaner and looking better for longer, and how to deal with stains before they become permanent.

Patio cleaning in London is available for booking seven days a week, no exception. Our cleaning teams do not require customer supervision which makes everything more convenient for property occupants just like our ironing services.

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